Former Southeast governor loses N28b

A former Southeast governor is said to have lost a colossal amount of money he stashed away in his residence. According to an informed source privy to the incident, the former governor who also lost his senatorial bid in the last general election was said to have stuffed about N28b(Twenty Eight billion Naira) in ‘Ghana must go’ bags and hid them in an underground compartment in his newly built private house in the Government Reserved Area of the State capital.

However according to the source which did not confirm the State the former governor comes from, the wads of naira notes were affected by high humid condition and water which mysteriously found its way to the compartment and rendered the notes useless. ‘They were disintegrating like ashes when touched’, the source enthused.

The former governor, the source said, who has become unpopular in his State due to his unquenchable lust for acquisition of landed properties and reputed for ‘home banking’ by those close to him, was said to be inconsolable and devastated by the unfortunate incident.

Drumnewsonline gathered that the former governor who now leads an isolated life has not come to terms with what happened to him which some sources termed a pay back by the unknown and a precursor to his date with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Source: Drumnewsonline


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