PWAN Royale celebrates 5 years of making homeownership dreams reality

PWAN Royale, a leading real estate company in Nigeria, during the weekend celebrated its 5th anniversary.

The company’s Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Augustine Ejiofor, highlighted innovation and a dedication to continuous learning as key factors in their success.

Ejiofor emphasized the importance of constantly monitoring trends and adapting practices to fit the current real estate landscape adding that PWAN Royale asks themselves crucial questions to ensure they’re meeting market needs and achieving success.

He said the company fosters a culture of learning through comprehensive training programs for marketers and staff development initiatives. “These programmes enhance expertise and ultimately translate into increased productivity for the company. Incentive programs, including car ownership opportunities, recognize outstanding performance and motivate continued success.

He noted the significant transformation of the Nigerian real estate industry in the past five years. “More people recognize its importance in wealth building, and countless lives have been positively impacted by real estate”, said Ejiofor. He added that, PWAN Royale, spearheaded by visionary leaders Dr. Augustine Onwumere and Dr. Jane Onwumere, is dedicated to making homeownership a reality for everyone.

“PWAN Royale has implemented several strategies to achieve its vision:

Empowering Salespeople: Attractive commission structures allow salespeople to achieve their own housing goals.

Flexible Payment Plans: Recognizing diverse financial situations, PWAN Royale offers flexible payment plans to suit everyone’s needs.”

Ejiofor acknowledged the government and local communities as crucial partners. “We prioritize working within established frameworks to ensure smooth operations and avoid complications. Stringent due diligence ensures clear land titles and adherence to government regulations.”

While acknowledging the government’s role, Ejiofor highlighted limitations in the current regulatory framework. He called for a strong, well-defined system and encouraged public caution. He advised potential property buyers to:

Avoid unrealistic promises.

Conduct thorough due diligence.

Verify property details and land registry.

Ensure clear land titles and updated documentation.

The CEO said thenext five years mark a turning point for PWAN Royale. They aim to become a preeminent real estate network marketing company in Nigeria, setting exceptional service standards. Their ambitions include:

Expanding their footprint to 20 states across Nigeria.

Securing prime locations, developing top-quality properties, and providing exceptional customer service.

Making homeownership a reality for more Nigerians than ever before.

At the event, Ikechukwu Ndulue was honoured as the Highest Sales Person for 2023 and received a 2013 Toyota Highlander car as his award. Elated, Ndulue expressed his gratitude to the company, stating the recognition would motivate him for even greater achievements.

Adding to the excitement, Mr Emeka Great Ifeakandu emerged victorious in the PWAN Royale Royalty Sales 2024 raffle, taking home a brand-new Toyota Camry! Ifeakandu echoed Ndulue’s sentiments, expressing gratitude to the company and pledging to double his efforts.

The ceremony wasn’t just about top performers! PWAN Royale generously awarded a wide range of electronics prizes to its dedicated staff and loyal clients. According to the CEO, the company invested over 8 million Naira in these electronic gifts, ensuring smiles on everyone’s faces.

PWAN Royale’s awards ceremony proved to be a night of immense recognition and celebration. Both clients and staff enjoyed a memorable evening, solidifying the company’s commitment to rewarding excellence and fostering a positive work environment.

Source: The Sun


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