Revealed! Why Ekweremadu and wife were arrested

The arrest of the former Senate Deputy President, Ike Ekweremadu and wife, Beatrice in London has been trending since this Thursday afternoon. According to the London Police, the couple were arrested based on an information that they were planning to harvest the organs of an unidentified young lass suspected to have been moved from Nigeria.

Drumnewsonline scooped from a source close to the family that the first daughter of the senator has been battling with an ailment said to have affected her kidneys and needed a transplant to be carried out in a London hospital. It was on the strength of that that a donor was sourced and procured in Nigeria.

It was the trip to perform the surgeries that the couple embarked upon and landed in this mess. What is yet to be ascertained is if the donor is of age to give consent or was arranged by a third party.

However, some concerned individuals have been asking why the Ekweremadus should settle for an outsider instead of asking one of their children to donate a kidney or, better still, either of the couple to donate.

As at press time it was not possible for them to procure bail and according to the London police, they would be arraigned in court next week.

Source: Drumnewsonline


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