Rufai Oseni unveils healthcare initiative in Ogun community

Renowned journalist and broadcaster, Rufai Oseni, has announced the opening of a new healthcare facility aimed at improving access to basic medical services in Odogbolu, Ogun State.

Oseni announced the official opening of the Oseni Centre for Healing on Saturday via a statement on X, noting that it fulfilled his goal to support Nigeria’s healthcare system.

Rufai sharing the motivation behind this initiative wrote, “I am passionate about health. Over the years I had two parents who suffered from health challenges, going through the Nigerian healthcare system, I have always sought ways to make my little contribution.”

The centre, which will operate in collaboration with existing health facilities in the area, is designed to provide essential healthcare services to the local community.

Rufai explained, “Today I open the Oseni Center for Healing. It will be run in affiliation with existing health centres to provide basic health care in Odogbolu.”

Rufai also indicated that the centre would serve as a base for a community outreach programme, stating, “This is where we are having the outreach.”

Source: The Punch


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